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Acne Facials Offer Balanced Care for Problem Skin

Acne Facials purify and balance skin affected by break outs and are a soothing answer to problem skin which can occur at any age. These Facial Spa Treatments are ideal for teenagers, as well as adults. Effectively balance your skin in this non-aggressive session to help clear skin experiencing flair ups from hormonal surges.

The Yon-ka treatment for acne begins with the aromatic compress, makeup removal and cleansing. Next the vegetable exfoliating massage, a warm mist with essential oils and a gentle peel ready the skin for extraction of blackheads. A targeted treatment is applied to problem areas. Unwind with a face, neck and neckline massage and enjoy the purifying mask. Finish up with purifying cream in this skin-balancing ritual.

Your skin will be soothed and softened with proper pH balance to clarify your complexion and promote regeneration. For the best results, an intensive series is required for advanced stages of acne.

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Treat your problem skin to the nourishing and remarkably affective Yon-ka Acne Facials at From Tips To Toes. Our award-winning Day Spa in Southington, CT is the place to unwind as you allow our skilled aestheticians to work their magic for beautiful skin.

You might also enjoy an Anti-Aging Facial, a massage or a manicure during your visit. If you schedule more than one session, you’ll experience our private spa room and sip a cup of tea or complimentary glass wine between appointments. Spa packages are also available if you are interested in having regular Acne Facials or any of our other facials.

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