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Gentleman Packages

The Polished Professional

Leave hectic schedules, target dates and reports behind

•Polished Foot Treatment: A feel-good down to your toes experience that smoothes the heals and calms the soles
•After Hours Facial Rejuvenator: Confidence will be written all over your face after this calming and deep cleansing complexion booster. Targets performance-worn skin, nourishes and replenishes
•Polished Performance Deep Tissue Massage: Area-specific tissue techniques to alleviate muscle tension and center the senses
4 hours $233.89

The After Workout

Reward your commitment and feel as good as you look.

•Ultimate Foot Treatment Muscle Massage: Heal buffing and complete nail care.
•Deep Pore Cleansing Facial: Rids impurities, relaxes muscles, and firms the skin.
•Sports Massage: Deep tissue treatment that loosens the sports muscles and stimulates the senses.
4 hours $239.29

The Work Boot Overhaul

Kick ’em off and take a break from everyday wear and tear.

•Soothing Foot Treatment: A complete tune-up on heels, toes, and soles.
•Overworked Facial Fix: Targets weather-worn skin; nourishes and hydrates.
•Ultimate Massage: Relaxes and energizes tired muscles for a total soothing repair.
4 hours $239.29

All of our prices now reflect the new tax increase of 6.35% imposed by the State of Connecticut.